have you had your whole food nutrition today?

It’s been about four years since I started looking for ways to optimize my health. I am one of the many women out there dealing with what I call “light chronic symptoms”. These are like uneven hormones, cold hands & feet, fatigue, problems with the thyroid, digestion. Part of me has wanted to believe that it is only stress, and these symptoms are definitely triggered by stress, but it’s more than that.

I’ve looked at amalgam removal, environmental toxins, and parasites as possible sources of “mis problemas”. It’s been an interesting journey. I have no conclusive answers, but I have found some great products that I can tell are really helping.

  1. FrequenSea marine phytoplankton whole food beverage. The first swig I took of this stuff, it was like my body went, aaahh, thank you. It’s clean-feeling and calm-inducing. It helps me to feel balanced.
  2. JuicePLUS+ whole food supplements. I started taking these two years ago and I really like them. I felt like the “greens” were more valuable to my body than the “fruits”. I really enjoyed the fruit & veggie gummies for kids and the whole food shake they make is better than any I have found anywhere.
  3. StemEnhance phytoceutical. I’ve only been taking this for a month and I can really feel a difference. My energy has gone up, up, up. I have the desire to actually exercise again (like my body won’t collapse in the effort). I have the desire to eat food (my metabolism is starting to work better) and I’m attracted to more healthy foods, something I noticed with the JuicePLUS+ as well. Best of all, my body temperature has gone up. No more cold hands and cold feet. I have had a few “detox”-like symptoms: headaches and temporary indigestion, but they all went aways after a few days. I’m really excited to see how I feel after one more month on this stuff. I’ll be sure to let you know.

I am an independent distributor for all three of these products, so if you have any questions, would like to try a sample, or learn about becoming a distributor yourself, shoot me an email.

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