To the Moondog and Back

I’m happy to report that Moondog Rising was a wonderful event with a lot of special moments. First, it was terrific to see Robin again after two years time. The last time we saw each other, we were in DC for the American Musicological Society’s Annual Meeting. A lot has happened since then and it was great to catch up.

I also met some interesting people connected with the whole Moondog project: Stefan Lakatos, the world’s only trimba player, Frank Gobel, co-executor of Moondog’s estate; and Robert Scotto, author of Moondog’s official biography, recently released. Also, a pleasant run-in with several Robinesque connections: Applehill festival participants, two close friends Anisa & Roderick from the Olympia area; and Adrian Morejon, bassoonist, founder of Sospiro Winds, and one of the co-leaders of euPraxia.

So many people doing so many wonderful things. It was great to brush shoulders with all of them.

And I even got to sing in one of Moondog’s madrigals. A real treat. I’ll post some pictures and video in coming days. Tomorrow morning at work should be interesting after the flight back to Chicago!

[bubbleshare 260306.8f2c415e25a]

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