Moondog Rising “Bootleg”

I was in the back of the church for most of the festival, so I don’t have very good video (or audio), but what I have, I offer to the public at large, with permission from Managarm and euPraxia.

[youtube few things to think about:

  1. Most of the clips are from Moondog rounds (one melody repeated at different intervals by different voices and instruments)
  2. The percussion you hear (distorted though it might be) is all created by one man (Stefan Lakatos) on one single instrument (the trimba)
  3. Moondog wrote light-hearted, nonsensical poems for his madrigals. Two of the madrigals I caught here were composed by young composers who were inspired by Moondog’s style.
  4. At the end of the clips, I added a blurry photo of a sheet of couplets he sold to Robert Scotto on the corner of 54th & 6th Avenue for 10 cents.

“Wine Woman and Song”
by Moondog
Wine, woman and song are too,
too much for me.
I am contented with the latter two,
for women and my song are simply wine enough, you see.

“Draw Now, Ella” (A Palindrome)
by Marjorie Gere
Draw now, Ella.
Two Heras play.
Alps are how tall?
Ew. Onward.

“My Tiny Butterfly”
My tiny butterfly butters my bread;
My briney flutterby keeps me well fed.
Why should I mutter?

“You’re Makin’ Me So Hot”
by Jacob Barton
Would you please kindly stop? It hurts!
You’re making me so hot.
You’re burning off my legs.
Would you possibly know how that feels?
Show the least bit of empathy and
put down the magnifying glass, lest I fry!

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