I haven’t read the book yet (I just ordered it via InterLibrary Loan), but I am already intrigued by this graphic.

SelfDesign Paragon

Some of the words here may be a bit too New Age-y for some readers, but consider the nine-point breakdown. Imagine if everyone you knew…

0. Was quiet enough inside (my version of “being present”) to really listen to human beings and observe patterns in their lives and the lives of others?

1. Could interact with someone who was highly developed in an area of their interest and had ample time to watch them, create new work based on their models, and learn from their mistakes (a true apprenticeship)?

2. Was enthusiastic and passionate about topics that they found interesting and important?

3. Could absorb huge amounts of data and information and then clearly apply that data to meaningful questions?

4. Was comfortable enough with their own “identity”, however broadly defined, that they could empathetically and effectively reach out to others?

5. Had ample practice setting and reaching personal goals?

6. Was in a position mentally, emotionally, and financially to mentor someone else?

7. Knew how to work in groups and create healthy learning communities?

8. Was true to their deepest gifts and talents as they developed through life and found powerful ways to share themselves with the world?

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