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  1. Well I decided that I needed to comment so that I can expect others to make comments for me. I like the 4th song the best. At the beginning your diction is not quite what it is at the end but all together it is super solid in tone and intonation. The others I am not so hyped about mostly because I felt as if you were changing your voice to much to copy others or it could simply be that since I havent heard you singing jazz all to often that the sound is new to my ears. It seemed a little rough and not as clean a tone as I have heard you sing before. Love you loads. You’re the greatest.

  2. This is Allison Davey (Harris). Found your site through Tamarah’s who’s I found through my cousin’s blog. Your voice is as beautiful as I remembered it. My favorite is the 4th. You sound great on all of them, but I prefer the soft sweet tones of your head voice. The other three seemed to linger in the chest more and while still good, weren’t as magical.

    I’m so glad I found your site, if for no other reason than just getting to hear your voice again!

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