The Master Cleanse

I was at the health food store a few Saturday’s ago and stumbled on a yellow book by Stanley Burroughs that I think I had seen before somewhere, I’m not sure, but I picked it up and started reading about this liquid fast where you drink a kind of lemonade all the time to help your body detoxify. Since then I’ve found tons of sites and YouTube videos on the so-called “Lemonade Diet”.

It’s really simple. And I like simple things, so I decided to try it. I’m on Day 6 and feeling good. It’s been a gentle detox and I’m rarely hungry. The drink really does satisfy your body’s basic nutritional needs, though you might not guess it from the recipe.

Here’s what I’m doing. I bought 3 glass bottles 30 oz. each (artisan yogurt) with good lids. If I had to start it over again, I’d buy four and use one for the salt water cleanse (below). To make one 30 oz bottle of lemonade:

  • juice one lemon to give you 6 tablespoons of juice
  • 6 tablespoons of Grade B Maple Syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon of good organic Cayenne Pepper
  • Fill the rest of the bottle with good pure (filtered) water

    Shake, chill, and serve!

    So for my daily regimen, I’m making 3 bottles every night and putting them in the fridge to chill. I usually take two to work with me and drink the third when I get home. You can drink peppermint tea to break the monotony. I’ve added a little Maple Syrup to the tea as a sweetener sometimes.

    And then last, but not least: the sea salt cleansing drink. You need to do this at least once a day, preferably in the morning, but a lot of people like to do it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. I’ve started using my empty Maple Syrup jar for this drink because it is exactly 32 ounces or 1 quart. I warm up the pure water on my stove while I put two flat teaspoons of unrefined sea salt into the bottle. Pour the warmed-up water into the bottle and then let sit until the salt is totally dissolved. This stuff is not fun to drink (I have to take small sips to get the whole thing down) but it is a really important part of the program because it forces the body to flush toxins out from the digestive system that it wouldn’t otherwise (since there’s no food in you to stimulate regular bowel movements).

    Some people do the Herbal laxative tea instead of the sea salt cleanse, but others complain that the sea salt cleanse works quicker and more efficiently. You do it 90 minutes before you go to work and you’re done. You don’t have to be running to the bathroom all day long!

    So that’s it. Pretty darn simple. The first three days, I had a little detox headache, but I found myself sleeping really well. Now, I’m doing great. Energy is up and I can feel that my body is in deep-cleaning mode. I’ll let you know after the 10th day how I feel.

    p.s. Consult your doctor and your inner wisdom before doing a cleanse like this.

  • One thought

    1. It sound like it went well. What was the best positive that you have noticed, now 2 weeks hence? Would it be a good thing to do while trying to exercise?

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