Twitter Status Message

There are many ways to do things. Here is one way to sync your status life, if you believe in Twitter, Facebook, iChat, Adium, and Skype.

1) Send last Tweet to Facebook status. Download Facebook app here.

2) Send last Tweet to Adium. Use this trick.

3) Send last Tweet to iChat. Download this little app.

4) Send last Tweet to Skype. Download Twitterrrific and under Settings, System Tab, select Skype radio button.

The upshot of all this is this: if I update in iChat it will use method 3) to sync with Tweet. And the Tweets will go out to Facebook, Adium, and Skype automagically using methods 1), 2), and 4). I hope my buddies don’t get sick of all of my messages flying everywhere!

They don’t call me a Power User for nothing.

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