Thanksgiving breakup song

Calling all instances
this question of why you are pasted
here next to my bathroom mirror
I know
I know it will never work

But why why do the toasted crumbs
stick to my thumb
we had loads of fun
don’t know
don’t know
don’t know

Back at the table I stare where it’s written
you were coming back
in forty-five
I know
I know it will never work

But where where am I stuffing
this part of my heart that belonged to you,
what will the turkey do?
don’t know
don’t know
don’t know
don’t know

can you please
explain this show to me
as I pretend to drink
this nice cup of tea

3 thoughts

  1. Amazing! Are you singing & playing? I listened to all the songs–they’re brilliant! I’m going to write down for one of my goals to play the piano in a jazz band with you singing at a cool cafe–wouldn’t that be sweet!

  2. Hey A-Dawg,

    Liam, Kevin and I have been relaxin’ to this song. What a beauty! Liam is inspired by your creativity and wants a few tips about Garage band! Thanks for the soothing morning tune.


  3. OK – I am dying(not literally, because I am not wanting to attract that to my life right now.) for more of your music. New and fresh…publish it, share it with us!

    I love you!

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