How to co-create good things in your life

“I teach the process of creation in a simple five-step process. Understanding this process, and practicing it to gain mastery, allows us to become master creators.

The first step is to know what you want. To have a desire.

Step two is to ask for what you want. Ask God. Ask the angels. Ask the Universe. You are asking a power greater than yourself to assist you in creating it.

Step three is to believe you can have it, to have faith, free of any doubt, that what you desire and have asked for is going to be manifest to you. [This involves consulting with your higher power to find out if the timing for this blessing is right and good in your life. Getting a confirmation to the timing question will help free you of doubt. -aw]

Step four is to let go and allow. To basically get out of your own way and allow spirit to be in charge of bringing your desire to you. The only job you have at this point is to follow through with any inspiration regarding your physical actions on behalf of your manifestation.

The fifth and last step is to express gratitude. Gratitude actually starts the cycle all over. It is the completion and the beginning of the creation process. Gratitude energy initiates more things manifesting in your life for which you feel gratitude. The creation process is one eternal round.”

Carol Tuttle, Remembering Wholeness

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