Welcome 2009!

It’s good to ponder on all of the blessings that have come my way during the past 12 months. Last night, I purchased tomato soup and zucchini for my now annual tradition. And as I eat, I’ll be thinking this:

Thank goodness that I’ve been safe commuting back and forth to work on my bike each day. I’m so glad that I’m warm and protected from the cold. I had a great year at work. We accomplished a lot. I love the students and teachers I am privileged to work with at Lab. They are amazingly talented, generous, and good people that make my job easy and fun. I am glad to finally have a home “boffice” (bedroom+office) where I can access all my paper and things so easily. I am so grateful that my family has successfully made the transition to Logan, UT and that my three youngest brothers especially have been so courageous about the whole thing. I’m grateful for friends that support me, if even from a distance. I feel like I have sister- and brother-hearts all over the world, seen and unseen, that, in some small way, beat for me and send me good feeling. I’m grateful for heavenly guidance and protection and inspiration to help me on my way. I’m grateful for people here in Chicago that have looked out for me in small and meaningful ways. I’m grateful for children, their pure spirits and intent, which put me right back in my place when I need it. I’m grateful for Facebook =) for reminding me this year that we are all connected and directed to each other’s lives for a reason. I’m grateful for and humbled by the freedoms that I enjoy in this country to pursue my dreams, to set goals, to make something out of myself, maybe in a bumbling-not-so-elegant-sort-of-way, but still, I get to try.

2008 has been a good year. And 2009 is going to be so much better! Wishing all of my friends, contacts, and all of those faces that I encounter in my daily path a wonderful new year.

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