Dressing Your Truth™

Dressing Your Truth™

Dressing Your Truth™

Over the past summer, I have been reading and studying a new system of self care that I like better each and every day that I use it. It’s called Dressing Your Truth™ and I think it has something to offer every woman.

I’ve always taken a very practical and low-key approach to my clothing and makeup, mostly because it was so hard to find things that I felt really great in. “Whatever,” I’d say to myself, “it’s just my clothes. People will have to look beyond my outer experience to get the real me.”

But with this system of Dressing Your Truth™, I’ve learned a profound truth: people see the real me much, much better when I am presenting them with a consistent message about who that is. That’s what DYT is all about. It’s about aligning your outer appearance with your inner experience. And it feels so good.

The results after just a few months of moving myself in this direction have been remarkable. I don’t have to explain myself to people. I can relax and feel understood. People respect me. I am much more comfortable in my clothes. I know EXACTLY what type of apparel to attract into my life. No more guesswork when I’m shopping. And most exciting and unusual of all, I’m actually enjoying putting myself together in the morning! Instead of viewing dressing as a kind of barrier between me and my goals for the day, Dressing Your Truth™ feels more like I am honoring all that is most beautiful and good about me. I’m setting the stage so that I can be truly available for the people in my life.

I would highly recommend this to any woman. Think of both Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth™ as a special gift to yourself. Show that gentle kindness toward your body, mind, and spirit that you deserve by dressing it in the textures, colors, design lines, fabrication, and patterns that honor the real you.

Check it out! Visit Dressing Your Truth™ to discover what your dominant energy is and then watch the three hour training module for that type. You will be thrilled with the results!

You can read more about Energy Profiling in Carol Tuttle’s book, It’s Just My Nature!

And while you are in the research phase, definitely check out some of the sample outfits put together by The Clothing Coop.

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