Just released: A Guide to the Latin American Art Song Repertoire

Projects like this take FOREVER (FOREVER = 8 years of data gathering and 3 years of culling and editing the data). And I only authored the chapter on Argentina! My good friend and colleague Stela Brandão authored the chapter on Brasil. Editor Maya Hoover was a trooper all the way through the process. Needless to say, we are SO happy to see this baby IN PRINT!

If you are a classically-trained singer or know one, help us celebrate by sharing the gift of this largely unexplored repertoire.

Buy at Amazon or directly from the publisher.

Product description:
A reference guide to the vast array of art song literature and composers from Latin America, this book introduces the music of Latin America from a singer’s perspective and provides a basis for research into the songs of this richly musical area of the world. The book is divided by country into 22 chapters, with each chapter containing an introductory essay on the music of the region, a catalog of art songs for that country, and a list of publishers. Some chapters include information on additional sources. Singers and teachers may use descriptive annotations (language, poet) or pedagogical annotations (range, tessitura) to determine which pieces are appropriate for their voices or programming needs, or those of their students. The guide will be a valuable resource for vocalists and researchers, however familiar they may be with this glorious repertoire

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