Shortcuts for Wordfast Anywhere on Mac Keyboards

This post is mostly for me to have handy, but maybe some other Wordfast Mac users will find this helpful. I’ve “translated” the Windows-centric shortcuts in Wordfast Anywhere for the Mac keyboard and noted some buggy things along the way. Feel free to copy and use as you see fit. Oh, and by the way, I am still offering training to new Wordfast users via Skype and phone.


Move to First Segment of Doc:
Fn + Ctrl + Left Arrow

Move to Last Segment of Doc:
Fn + Ctrl + Right Arrow

Move to Previous Block:
Fn + Up Arrow

Move to Next Block:
Fn + Down Arrow

Move to First Segment of Block:
Fn + Left Arrow

Move to Last Segment of Block:
Fn + Right Arrow

Move to Previous Segment of Doc:
Up Arrow

Move to Next Segment of Doc:
Down Arrow

Provisional Segment: [Default Fn + F10 conflicts with OS commands!] I changed this shortcut to
Option + S (You’ll know it worked if yellow box shows up at left of segment. To avoid ending the translation, I’m in the habit of typing “s” in the target field when I don’t want to translate it and then Option + S to move on in the document.)

Translate until Fuzzy Match:
Fn + Shift + Ctrl + Down Arrow

Shrink Segment:
Fn + Option + Up Arrow

Expand Segment:
Fn + Option + Down Arrow


Show/Hide TM Panel:
Ctrl + Option + M

Concordance Search:
Ctrl + Option + C

Delete TU:
Ctrl + Option + Delete (This is buggy. I can’t go back and edit segments where I’ve recently deleted the TU associated with it)

Show/Hide Glossary Panel:
Ctrl + Option + H

Glossary Search:
Ctrl + Option + G (This isn’t working for me. When I open, it says “The glossary is empty” even though the Glossary is “on” and “tested”, I’ve added terms to it, and can see in the right hand side glossary entries popping up. Hmmm…)

Glossary Dialog Box:
Ctrl + Option + T (Select first term and it will automatically be added to first field in the glossary, though I’m having difficult getting rid of the placeable red box, which when present, only takes the placeable term instead of the complete phrase that I’ve highlighted)

Open Setup Dialog Box:
Ctrl + Option + W

Change Display Mode (Toggle between viewing target only, source only, or bilingual view- you can also click on lower right hand corner of screen):
Ctrl + Comma


Open Previous Segment:
Option + Up Arrow

Open Next Segment (Commits currently open segment to TM! and doesn’t appear to overwrite existing. I’m seeing multiple duplicate TUs in the TM window.):
Option + Down Arrow

Close and Save Segment (and End Translation):
Fn + Option + Right Arrow*

Close Segment without saving (and End Translation):
Shift + Fn + Option + Right Arrow*

Restore Original Segment:
Fn+ Option + Delete

Copy Source: [Default Fn + Option + Enter doesn’t work] I changed to
Ctrl + Option + D for “Dump” Source into Target

Copy Previous TM Match:
Option + Left Arrow

Copy Next TM Match:
Option + Right Arrow

Copy TM Match:
Shift + Fn + Option + Enter

Empty Target Segment:
Ctrl + Option + x

Toggle Placeable (Show Placeables):
Ctrl + Option + Up Arrow

Next Placeable:
Ctrl + Option + Right Arrow

Previous Placeable:
Ctrl + Option + Left Arrow

Copy Placeable:
Ctrl + Option + Down Arrow (Also: Shift + Tab seems to do this?)

Next Word:
Tab (not sure of intended context for this command; seems to work with placeables)

Previous Word:
Shift + Tab

*Note: I find that sometimes after completing an operation, such as closing a segment with or without saving, the cursor moves OUTSIDE the application. An annoying error beep will tell you something is wrong when you try to make your next move. This may happen because it thinks* you are finished translating. Press tab and you will see that it moves to the address bar in your BROWSER. Click tab again to move through any fields that you have in your browser toolbars. Once you’ve tabbed out of the final field you will be back in the web application and can proceed with your regular short cuts.

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