While I was in Chicago, I started to become more interested in alternative modalities of health and healing. I also struggled with what felt like persistent toxicity, which may have been due to the water. This led me to explore different types of water purification and healthy diets but it also led me down a path of emotional wellness and the regular practice of clearing negative emotions from the body.

Meanwhile, my sister developed her career in equine therapy and I learned from her how horses could help humans to work through PTSD and other traumas that seriously impact the brain and body. Newsflash: we have all been traumatized to one degree or another, so these modalities are actually useful for everyone to have a more balanced life.

After moving to Utah, I discovered DoTerra essential oils and started using them regularly. I am still discovering different ways of using these oils to support me in my health journey. They’re a great natural tool.

Recently, I’ve been learning the benefits of Aruyvedic cooking and I really like the frequency-based healing modalities that are being developed around the world. I’ve also explored Simply Healed, EFT, Biomagnetism, Meditation, and Heartmath. These are all tools that allow us enjoy life and the people around us more fully.

I’m exploring also ways that technology can help humans reconnect with the part of themselves that wants to be better, to progress and to change, to love, serve, and appreciate others. These personal practices are, in my opinion, at the root of civil society, productive discourse, and healthy communities.

Mostly, I just keep learning. And breathing. And connecting ideas. And people. And finding ways to contribute and help.